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Catholic Marriage, Premarital, and Individual Counseling -
Healing Emotionally and Growing Spiritually

Woman praying for Catholic premarital counselingWe all come across obstacles in our lives too high to hurdle on our own. It’s very important when you are facing difficulties in your life to speak with someone who understands, who can help you achieve peace of mind. Reaching out and asking for help is never easy as it can put you in a vulnerable state, but the benefits can be so rewarding if help is sought through some one who understands and supports your faith. Maybe right now you're not even sure that life is "bad enough" to reach out for help. Well, on this side of the Pearly Gates, life is difficult enough without needlessly living with extra burdens.
Hi, I’m John R. Perry, LMFT and I want to help you overcome those difficult obstacles in your life with the assistance of our Lord Jesus Christ. I specialize in Catholic individual counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling in Anaheim, CA. From a young age I felt as if God has had a special purpose for me: to help others through their difficult moments in life.
You may be looking for help because you feel sad, or you're worried, or have a low self-image, or maybe you're having problems with parenting, (or with your parents), or your spouse, fiancé, or some other relationship or need. Whatever your burden may be; let me help you find hope and healing supported by faith.

Man praying for Individual Catholic Christian CounselingIt's a natural, God-given instinct to want to get rid of, or work through your pain. And when it's painful, life can sometimes feel more like a burden than a gift. Sometimes that can lead you to feeling very alone. Please know that you don't have to carry your burdens alone. The Lord, our God, is always with you, nearer than it may feel. He also gave us one another to share not just our joys, but our burdens as well.

When you’re looking for professional help, you want a therapist you can trust.
If you’re a committed Christian, you’ll appreciate having a Christian therapist who can not just help you feel better, but one that understands and supports your love of Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures as well.  And if you’re a Catholic Christian, you’ll also appreciate having a Catholic therapist who shares your faith and your love of the Sacraments that Christ gives to us.
You want a professional therapist who won’t threaten or undermine your faith - one who won’t demean or look down on your cherished beliefs. You want a therapist who’ll uplift you, one who seeks to take good care of you – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Good “soul care.” Why not take the option of enhancing your treatment with a Catholic Christian approach – as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

I firmly believe that the more that God, our Creator, is brought into your life, the Woman happy with her Catholic Christian marriage counselingbetter off you'll be, and that's especially true when you're in pain and struggling with life. The Great Physician knows you and can help you more than any mere human can. But, to paraphrase St. Teresa, "Christ has no body now on earth but ours" and it is often through one another that He ministers to us. And likewise I seek to be His healing hands to those who seek my help.


I opened my own practice so that I could provide authentically Catholic counseling for my brothers and sisters in Christ. A perspective that not only "tolerates" or "accepts" your faith, but truly values and embraces it! I'm a therapist today because God gave me the gifts that I have so that I can help His children become more of who He intended them to be -- whole and holy!

So call me at 714-533-7749, and put my clinical training, my skills, and our faith in Christ to work toward helping you, and become more of the person that God wants you to be.

Id be honored if you chose me to help you.

May our Lord richly bless you and those you love!

Pro-Life. Pro-Marriage. Pro-Family. Professional.

You can take that very important first step by scheduling a session online or by phone, or you can even schedule a free consultation to see if I’m the right counselor for you. See the Appointments menu item on the left.


My brothers and sisters in Christ,

it's my passion to help you by integrating solid counseling theory & clinically researched methods with the boundless love and mercy of God.

I promise you...

  • No weird concepts
  • No anti-marriage bias
  • No New Age philosophy
  • No enneagrams
  • No dream catchers
  • No "past-life regression therapy"
  • No ouija boards!!

...just good, level-headed counseling to help you — from your friendly neighborhood Catholic Counselor!

I want to hear your story and help you get started on the road to healing. Contact me today at

John Perry



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